Withdraw to MasterCard

Withdraw to a Prepaid EURO Mastercard

  • Disclaimer
    • To apply for a card, please prepare a passport to perform KYC verification
    • Application forms are reviewed by Railone, not ONTO
    • Applications may be rejected
    • Currencies withdrawn will be automatically swapped to EURO
  • Management Fee: 1 EURO/Month
    • Charged by Railone
    • Cards will turn inactive if management fees are not paid for 6 months
  • Current Promotion: 1 EURO/Month
    • Provided by ONTO
    • Equal to monthly management fee
    • Will be sent directly to your card in the following month

Apply For a Prepaid EURO Mastercard

  • Click “Linked Cards” and login on the Railone page
  • Fill out the form to apply for a prepaid EURO Mastercard (first time users only)

Withdraw Balance into a Prepaid EURO Mastercard

  • Choose “Withdraw to MasterCard” once the application is approved
  • Enter the amount and click “Withdraw”
  • Enter password to confirm
  • Double check the MasterCard info
  • Spend the balance with the card number and CCV on shopping websites

Generate and View VC (Verified Credential)

  • Click “Transactions” at NPay main page
  • Click “Generate VC”
  • Enter password to confirm and wait until “Success”
  • Go back and Click “Linked Accounts”
  • Click “My VC” to view VC details
Last modified 11mo ago