CoinWind User Guide

How to use CoinWind in ONTO Wallet
This tutorial is designed for ONTO Wallet users who wish mine in CoinWind.
Reminder: Operations such as authorizing, depositing, withdrawing, borrowing, repaying all require transaction fees of HT. Please prepare in advance to avoid transaction failures. 1. Download the ONTO wallet
Non-ONTO users need to download and register ONTO wallet first. Option 1: Visit the ONTO website (VPN is needed to open the website.) Option 2: Follow the WeChat Public Subscription Account "本体Ontology", and find the"ONTO Download" page at the lower left hand corner of the page. Option 3: If your mobile phone is equipped with the Android system, you can download the ONTO wallet by pasting to the explorer and clicking “Get Started”.
2. Create a HECO address
Click the "HT" token in the asset page, and enter the wallet password to create the HECO address according to the prompt. Users who have created HECO addresses can ignore this step.
If your HT address balance is 0, transfer HT to this address in advance.
3. Add Tokens
Search and add the token you want to trade in the asset page. CoinWind now supports HUSD, USDT, MDX, WHT, HBTC, ETH on the Huobi Eco-Chain.
4. Enter CoinWind
Find "CoinWind" dApp via the search bar at the top right corner of the "Discovery" page and enter it.
5. Connect Wallet
CoinWind dApp will default to the HECO HT address on the ONTO. If you find that the wallet is not connected, click "Connect Wallet" and select a wallet option to connect according to your preference.
6. Mine in CoinWind
Step 1: Access
Check assets on the CoinWind page. Click the down arrow to expand the operation page. Take USDT as an example, choose to deposit proportionally or manually enter the deposit amount on the "Deposit " page. To enter for the first time, click "Approve". You can click the small arrow in the pop-up window to adjust the gas fee, paid in HT. After confirming the information, click the button below, enter your wallet password and click “Confirm” again, wait for the completion of your transaction.Click "Withdraw", you can enter the amount of withdrawal or adjust the ratio to withdraw.
Step 2: Withdraw Income
Click "Withdraw Income" to receive MDX earnings at any time.