CircleSwap User Guide

Share 100,000 $CIR rewards using ONTO to participate in the CircleSwap airdrop
Event: CircleSwap Airdrop
Duration: From Jan.05 to Jan.30
Rewards: 100,000 CIR tokens
Participants: make over 100 HT swap or equivalent +member of NCircle
Step 1: Download ONTO
Download ONTO app from if you’re a non ONTO user.
Step 2: Create a HECO address
Click the HRC-20 "HT” token in the asset page, and enter the wallet password to create the HECO address according to the prompt. Users who have created HECO addresses can ignore this step.
Step 3: Add tokens
Search and add CIR token in the ONTO asset page.
Step 4: Enter CircleSwap
Find CircleSwap dApp in the asset page in ONTO and enter it.
Step 5: Swap HT to CIR
Click on [Swap] and select HT and CIR. Enter the quantity and click [Confirm]. Note: To have an eligible address, you need to make over 100 HT or equivalent swap on CorcleSwap.
Step 6: Join NCircle
Click on【Circle】-【NCircle】- 【Create】- 【NCircle】- Enter the NCircle referral address- Click on【Determine】,Congrats! You’re now a member of NCircle!
After the above steps, this address has been an eligible address to receive $CIR airdrop on 1 Jan.